All at 24% off in our sale until the end of January! All at 24% off in our sale until the end of January!

Light as a Feather

We want kids to feel as free and comfortable as possible, which also means not having to carry too much weight on their heads.

Why Poly-Carbonate?

We use next generation technology- poly-carbonate (PC), which renders these helmets 20% lighter than most helmets on the market which are usually made out of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

Designed in the UK

We are innovative in our creations, we are inspired by movement, water and nature. As a response, we wish to inspire children to fully immerse in cycling, skating or scooting while we help them feel safe and cool.

Go safe, stay cool!

'They were free to play and explore the world. They realized they could do and become anything. And so they did...'



Very cute with a nice finish to it. Feels quite sturdy as well and it looks like it will keep my goddaughter safe. Overall very happy with the purchase.


Laura G.

I am really impressed and delighted by the chin strap. I have seen quite a few helmets that have such a good quality of materials chosen. All in all, a very good and lovely helmet, worth at least twice the price! Totally recommend. P.s. the little one doesn’t want to take it off and said she will be sleeping with it tonight! :)))

Laura G.